Hong Ho Precision Textile

The Everlasting Business & Delicate Tradition 

The everlasting enterprise stands in Taiwan Filamentary Textile Industry   

Delicate style now , Year of 2000 and forever  

Founded in June, 1978 - capital of 40 million N.T. Dollars 

Oct. 1991 in public market 

Dec. 1996 certificate of ISO-9002 

Sales Volume in 1998 reached N.T.$63,661,720,000

Oct 1999 Certificate of Oedo-Tex Standard (HKC 21055)

Capital in 1999 -  N.T.$3,338,150,000 

Dec 2002 Certificate of ISO-9001


²  Textile & Fabric Group: integration filamentary textile fabric manufacturer  

²  Garment Group : integration garments factory in Mexico

²  Construction business

²   investment holding companies

head quarter dyeing & finishing factory Mexico garment factory